How It Works?

Here are the steps how Form Notifier works

Step 1 - Install Plugin from GSuite Marketplace

Install the Form Notifier addon from the GSuite marketplace. Login using your GMAIL login account and click on “Allow” on requested permissions on the OAuth authentication screen. You can learn more about what we do with the Google we use on our privacy policy here: apps

Step 2 - Open Add-On

Click on “Add-Ons” icon and select “ Form Notifier” from the menu and then click “Launch Form Notifier”

Add-On Open

Step 3 - Sidebar Window

Click on the “Add Notification Service” button.

Add-On Open

Step 4

Click on the “Email" option.

Add-On Open

Step 5

Turn on the “Activate Service” slider and then click the “Add Notification” button on the top right corner.

Add-On Open

Step 6 - Email Notification -> Filter

In this step, you can define filters. Filters are basically the conditions which you define for the email notification service to work. For example, you can say this email notification should work only if the department field equals sales. This way, if your respondents select the “Sales” field from the department dropdown, the email notification service will get activated if the respondent chooses the “Sales” option from the department dropdown menu. If you don’t want to add any conditions, you can leave the filters blank and define the email notification as “No Filter”.

Add-On Open

Step 7 - Email Notification -> Email Recipients

You can define two types of email recipients: status and dynamic. The word static and dynamic defines the type of the recipient field.

If you want to send the email notification to somebody specific, you can add the static email recipient. Just click on the “Add Static Recipient” link and enter the email address. For example, you can type in “

If you want to notify your customers and respondents about the submission of their form, click the “Add Dynamic Recipient” link and define the email form field in the dropdown.

Add-On Open

Step 8 - Email Notification -> Email Template

You can define what to send to recipients using the email template. The email template field is flexible and it includes various formatting options. Use the customer response values in the email notification by putting the field name into two curly brackets. For example {{First Name}}.

Click the “Save and Close” button when you are done.

Add-On Open

Step 9

You can view the list of email notifications in the menu after you are done.

Add-On Open


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