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A full range of software development and agile practices

Apps and Plugins

Boost your productivity with apps for Google Workspace and desktop extensions for Mac and Windows.
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Struggling with overwhelming amount of technical debt all linked to each other? Our specialists can help by providing full technical audit & consultations
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A team of specialists from around the world working together to build for you

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Established in Dallas in 2021, Apps Record LLC began as a small family business focused on developing apps for the Google Workspace Marketplace. In under two years, we have grown into a global team, with our roots stemming from Central Asia, and our work reflecting the unique experiences and perspectives gained from the region.

Whether you are seeking to establish a brand new business, website or require sysadmin assistance, our team is here to serve as your technology partner and help your vision become a reality.

You will enjoy the following benefits with our team:

Why choose us

We focus on what matters to you!

Constant innovations

We constantly come up with new ideas and innovate. Check our products section to see what we are up to

Affordable fees

We offer free trials and you always have an option to terminate a contract immediately

Data Driven Approach

We help you to unlock the insights and enhance the performance with data. We leverage data to drive informed decisions and deliver exceptional results

24/7 Customer support

We are here for you whenever you need us. Having a global team means being available any time

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