Form Notifier​ - Email Notifications for Google Forms

What is a FormNotifier?

Form Notifier is an easy-to-use Google Forms plugin for enhanced notifications. FormNotifier allows you to set up customizable notifications each time your forms receive a response. You can use the tool to notify the respondents about the successfully submitted forms. Store each response in a neatly organized Google Docs/Sheets files in your Google Drive. 

Features and Functionality

The settings of FormNotifier, a Google Forms Plugin for Customizable Notifications

FormNotifier is the best available solution for Google Forms notifications. The key features include:

  • Unlimited number of notification rules.
  • Flexible filters: Stay updated on the information you need.
  • Set up rules based on the information provided in the responses you receive.
  • Add multiple static recipients. Keep everyone in your organization on the same page.
  • Notify domains provided by the respondents by adding the dynamic recipients.
  • Simple settings and the setup process.
  • Store the responses in neatly organized Google Docs/Sheets in Google Drive.
  • Receive PDF files with the response details.

Possible use cases of FormNotifier

The example of notifications that you receive with FormNotifier
The range of possible use cases of FormNotifier is broad and flexible. The main advantage lies in the fact that it combines the features of various plugins in a simple interface. Possible use cases include:
  • Contact-Us Forms.
  • Surveys and Questionnaires.
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Feedback Forms
  • Research projects
  • Thank-you Emails for the respondents
  • Service/Product/Price/Demo Request and more
  • How to get FormNotifier

How to get FormNotifier?

FormNotifier is a plugin for Google Forms that is available in Google Workspace Marketplace for Free. 

You can get FormNotifier on Google Workspace Marketplace

You can get Form Notifier, a tool for in-depth form notifications management, on Google Workspace Marketplace.

You can also manually follow the steps below:
1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace.
2. Search for FormNotifier.
3. Go to the application page.
4. Hit Install.